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Environmentally Friendly Plating

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We Offer a Host of Environmentally Friendly
Industrial Plating Solutions

In a time where protecting and preserving the environment is paramount, Sharretts Plating Company is proud to be at the forefront of implementing environmentally friendly industrial plating solutions.

Environmentally Friendly Plating

In recent years, the metal finishing industry in general has worked closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to develop more environmentally responsible production technologies. For more than two decades, SPC has focused on developing gold plating, silver plating, copper electroplating and anodized industrial plating solutions that not only exceed the demands of our customer base, but also minimize and even eliminate waste.

SPC strives to develop industrial plating solutions that achieve the sometimes delicate balance between employing the most efficient production procedures possible while also maintaining a "green" operating philosophy.

Industrial Plating Solutions with a Focus on Internal Housekeeping Processes

Maintaining a clean operating facility is an important step in being an environmentally friendly operation. Good housekeeping not only involves the physical plant itself, but also the constant evaluation of the industrial plating solutions used.

The less waste and pollution produced within the plant, the less there is that could harmfully impact the external environment. Reducing energy consumption within the plant also makes for a "greener" operation. As ventilation is a heavy user of energy in a plating facility, we have also placed a strong focus on implementing industrial plating solutions that feature enhanced ventilating processes that reduce energy consumption while maintaining a safe environment for our workers.

Reducing Potentially Harmful Emissions

Just as emissions from automobiles can pollute the air we breathe, emissions of harmful noxious substances from manufacturing facilities can have a negative impact on the health of workers and the public in general. At SPC, we carefully monitor the emissions from our facility to achieve industrial plating solutions that deliver the highest quality of air possible.

Protecting Water Supplies

Another key way SPC exercises environmental control with our industrial plating solutions is through the implementation of various methods that protect and preserve water supplies. By using spectrophotometers, devices that monitor waste water discharge, effluent water is effectively measured as part of our quality control process. Programs geared toward the beneficial reuse of water have also been successfully developed and introduced over the past 20 years.

Keeping Abreast of Environmental Issues

As environmental rules and regulations pertaining to the industry tend to change frequently, with the ultimate goal of creating industrial plating solutions that are safer and healthier for the environment, industries must be more flexible than ever in their approach.

SPC keeps a close eye on the ever-changing environmental regulations that may affect our operation. This allows us to take a proactive instead of reactive stance regarding how we operate. As a result, we are able to adapt our production processes quickly to meet environmental demands, with minimal to no disruption to our operating process.

A Mantra of 'Constant Improvement'

Being an environmentally friendly industrial plating company requires a strong commitment from within the organization. That's why, when it comes to the environment, the goal of SPC is to pursue a path of constant improvement.

We continuously evaluate all our processes to ensure they are as streamlined as possible and do not include any needless waste. In addition to keeping production costs to a minimum, by operating the "leanest and meanest" production processes possible, it also makes for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly operation. Finding ways to use less amounts of metals, such as gold, silver and copper, also helps us develop industrial plating solutions that preserve these precious natural resources.

An Ongoing Commitment to a "Green" Future

At Sharretts Plating Company, we believe an ongoing commitment to the most environmentally friendly industrial plating solutions involves more than simply attempting to comply with government rules and regulations. It's the right thing to do.