Abrasive Blast Systems

Abrasive blasting gives you the ability to combine surface cleaning and finishing into one cost-effective process. With abrasive blasting, high pressure is used to propel a stream of abrasive media against a surface to remove contaminants and alter the shape or texture if desired. A wide range of materials can serve as the abrasive blast media, including glass, plastic, aluminum oxide and many others. Sharretts Plating Company is your source for the best abrasive blasting for aluminum and other metal surfaces.

What Impacts the Abrasive Blasting Process?

Abrasive blasting offers the flexibility to tailor the process to meet your specific cleaning and finishing requirements. By altering factors such as the type of media, the size of the media particles, the velocity of the blast stream, the angle the stream is delivered by the blast gun, and the distance from the surface when delivering the blast, the user has complete control over the process and the results it delivers.

Other Key Abrasive Blast Benefitss

Abrasive blasting provides a host of additional benefits including:

  • The ability to save up to 75 percent of the time required when hand cleaning
  • Fewer man hours and a significant reduction in labor costs
  • A relatively inexpensive and often recyclable process
  • A greater opportunity for coating, plating, or paint adherence–this is due to the abrasive impact that increases a metal surface area by as much as 10 times
  • A better and cleaner finish

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For Abrasive Blast Systems

Abrasive Blasting Applications

SPC can provide cost-effective abrasive blasting applications using a number of different blasting media. With glass bead blasting, we can create a smooth, clean, bright glass bead finish that does not alter the size or shape of the surface material. When bead blasting aluminum surfaces, glass is considered to be the best option, as it can significantly reduce the amount of surface imperfections.

Aluminum oxide blasting is an excellent choice for surface preparation applications because of the aluminum oxide media's hardness, longevity and relatively low cost. Plastic media blasting is ideal for automotive and aerospace applications, as the plastic bead blasting process is gentle enough for the lighter metals typically used in these industries.

Other abrasive blasting media that we may employ include:

  • Corn cob- Ideal for wood and other soft surfaces
  • Steel grit- Offers fast stripping and aggressive cleaning
  • Walnut shells- Suitable for mildly aggressive stripping
  • Silicon carbide- Extremely aggressive media for hard surfaces
  • Steel shot- Excellent choice for peening and polishing applications

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