Process Development

Process development has been the cornerstone of Sharretts Plating Company for more than 80 years. Our various business improving processes are designed to help our customers lower costs, improve quality and enhance their competitive position. Our focus on process development extends to every electroplating, deburring or other metal finishing service we provide.

We will partner with you to develop a parts cleaning or deburring process that will make those unwanted defects, sharp edges and contaminants a thing of the past.

A Consultative Approach to Process Development

We believe that developing a cleaning or deburring process that is ideally suited for your business requires taking a consultative approach. This begins with an in-person visit to your facility to assess your manufacturing process and to determine your unique requirements. In addition, we will obtain your input regarding the objectives you hope to achieve as well as your expectations for the process results.

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Testing of Sample Parts

We typically request that you provide samples of the types of parts or materials that will require deburring or cleaning. We then test the parts to determine the appropriate machine and media that will produce the most favorable results. We will use the test results to develop a customized cleaning or deburring process that we will apply to your parts on a consistent basis.

Parts Returned for Your Inspection

Once the testing has been completed, we will return the parts for your inspection. Taking your input into consideration, we will then make a recommendation regarding the best combination of media, compounds and machinery that will best meet your needs. As a result, you can be confident that the process you select will deliver the deburring or cleaning results you expect.

Effective Process Development for Businesses of All Types and Sizes

Our combination of knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge machinery and technology enables us to develop a highly effective deburring process for virtually any type of business, regardless of scope or size. The special challenges offered by high-volume or highly complex production operations are never an issue for SPC, as our team of skilled and battle-tested engineers, scientists and production personnel have all "been there and done that." With several hundred years of combined metal finishing experience, we can provide the unique process development insight that ensures a successful outcome for you. We take great pride in our ability to provide cost-effective solutions to the most difficult deburring and cleaning issues.

An Unwavering Commitment to Total Customer Satisfaction

Every SPC employee is committed to one goal: achieving total satisfaction for every customer. Our employees engage in continuous training to develop technical, problem-solving and leadership skills so we can better serve the ongoing needs of our customer base.

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To learn more about the many ways our process development can make a key difference in your deburring and cleaning results — and, ultimately, your company's bottom line — contact Sharretts Plating Company today. A no-obligation price quote is also available.


"I would like to thank you for the help you have provided us in developing an electroless nickel plating technique on an unusual substrate. The sample platings you provided show that we should be able to reach our goals. I especially appreciate your willingness to take on an unusual job, with the uncertainties that that entails...We are looking forward to working with you in the future on our plating needs."

– Robert K.