Steel Shot Blasting Service

Steel Shot Blasting Service

Shot blasting is an abrasive metal finishing process that can be extremely effective for purposes such as surface cleaning and roughening, coating, preparing for painting and cosmetic finishing. With shot blasting metal finishing, a steady stream of small stainless steel projectiles, referred to as “shot,” is propelled against the surface under high pressure to achieve the desired result.

Types of Shot Used in Shot Blasting Metal Finishing Processes

The shot used in the majority of shot blasting processes typically consists of small, spherical pellets available in sizes ranging from one to six mm in diameter. Smaller shot will provide a smoother, more polished finish, while larger sizes will produce a rougher finish. An angular form of shot known as steel grit is used for more aggressive cleaning applications such as removing contaminants. Another shot variation is chilled iron grit that is used for rust and paint removal. However, the aggressive nature of chilled iron shot makes it unsuitable for use on softer metals such as aluminum.

Shot Blasting Technologies

The basic types of shot blasting technologies are wheel blasting and air blasting. Wheel blasting involves the use of a centrifugal wheel that converts electrical energy to kinetic energy to project the steel shot against the surface. Wheel blast machines are available in various sizes and power capacities. In general, wheel blasting is the best choice for cleaning, descaling, removing rust or edge breaking on larger parts.

Air blasting uses pneumatically pressurized air that is delivered through a nozzle onto the part surface. The nozzles can be operated in a fixed position or manually to provide a targeted steel shot blasting. The velocity of the blast stream can be altered as necessary to provide maximum control over the blasting process.

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What Are the Benefits of Shot Blasting?

Using steel shot blasting for surface preparation can provide a number of important benefits:

  • Provides effective surface preparation without the need for harsh chemicals or other potentially hazardous materials
  • Reduces surface preparation time by as much as 75 percent, while also providing substantial labor cost savings
  • Removes scales and other surface debris without damaging or removing the underlying metal
  • Increases the longevity of protective surface coatings
  • Promotes adhesion of paint, epoxy and metal coatings

Sharretts Plating Company Offers Cost-Effective Steel Shot Blasting Services

SPC, a leading metal finishing solutions provider since 1925, offers stainless steel shot blasting services that can be customized to meet your unique metal finishing requirements. Our services include peening, polishing, cleaning and more. We also have the expertise to recommend the best shot blasting service for your needs and budget.

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