Anodizing and Substrate Plating

Anodizing and Substrate Plating Services

Rely on the extensive anodized finishing and substrate plating services offered by Sharretts Plating Company. Our anodizing and substrate plating expertise is widely recognized across the industry. When you choose SPC, you get a company that has been providing reliable industrial plating and metal finishing solutions since 1925.


Anodizing is a metal finishing process that uses oxidation to convert the surface of a metallic to a ceramic state. While mainly used when plating aluminum, anodizing is also compatible with other nonferrous metals such as titanium, magnesium, stainless steel, zinc, copper alloys and more. Anodized aluminum is typically used for:

  • Protecting satellites while in space
  • Enhancing durability of roofs, walls and ceilings
  • Manufacturing computer hardware, household appliances and various building materials

Key Benefits of Anodizing

Anodized finishing offers a wide range of important benefits including:

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For Anodizing and Substrate Plating

Substrate Plating

SPC has the equipment and capabilities to implement an extensive variety of substrate plating methods. Over the course of nearly 90 years in business, we’ve developed and implemented a wide range of electroplating and finishing processes for use on metallic base materials such as copper, aluminum and zinc, as well as non-metallic substrates such as ceramics and plastics.

We’ve also perfected the challenging process of electroless nickel plating on substrates, including the development of a state-of-the-art black electroless nickel plating process.

Customized Anodized and Substrate Plating Services

Our well-developed knowledge and expertise means we can provide effective substrate plating and anodizing services for even the most challenging metal finishing applications. We can develop solutions for unusual substrates that our competitors are incapable of producing — our knowledgeable plating and anodizing consultants have many years of hands-on experience to call upon.

Through prototyping, we can provide a customized solution that meets your company’s unique anodizing or substrate plating requirements. We’ll also thoroughly test the process before full-scale implementation to ensure it provides reliable results that continue to meet and exceed your highest standards for quality and performance.

Discover How Our Anodizing and Substrate Plating Services Can Help Your Company

At Sharretts Plating Company, we’re always willing to help our customers learn more about how our metal finishing services can benefit their operation. Contact us to learn more about how our substrate plating and anodized finishing solutions can improve your manufacturing processes, reduce your operating costs and increase your profitability. We can also schedule an on-site consultation at your convenience and furnish a no-obligation price quote.

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"I would like to thank you for the help you have provided us in developing an electroless nickel plating technique on an unusual substrate. The sample platings you provided show that we should be able to reach our goals. I especially appreciate your willingness to take on an unusual job, with the uncertainties that that entails...We are looking forward to working with you in the future on our plating needs."

– Robert K.