Research And Development

Just last week, SPC attended the ribbon cutting ceremony for Atotech’s augmented research and development and proto-typing expansion onto their existing manufacturing location in Burlington, Ontario. The presentation given was excellent and demonstrated their commitment to a future plan of new research and development to offer new products that meet the challenges of tomorrow with a special emphasis on environmental sustainability for future generations. Atotech has shown that it is meeting the metal finishing needs on all fronts from corrosion and wear resistance, decorative, and highly conductive coatings to be a true force in the surface finishing world.


The point is that fewer and fewer companies today have shown a true resolve to actively incorporate their clients needs with a hands on approach that allows an applicator of industrial coatings to work alongside the chemical manufacturer to develop a finish that is right for the end user. That is why SPC is actively engaged with its chemical vendors to engineer and apply new surface coatings whether they are organic, inorganic, electro-deposited or electroless.

SPC is challenging all of its vendors to do the same as Atotech has just shown. As a plating company we must put more capital into new finishes that differentiate us from the pack. SPC currently spends ten to fifteen percent of all its revenue on developing new surface treatments for tomorrow’s next generation. This not only includes chemical processes but also mechanical application methods that apply these finishes optimally. SPC’s ultimate goal is to become an integrator of technology that leaves a greener footprint on the Earth.

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