Evolution of Plating

The Importance of Being a Socially Responsible Metal Finishing Company

We hear a lot about the need for companies in all industries to become more socially responsible — but what does this really mean? A simple definition of social responsibility is striving to find a balance between increasing revenues and maximizing profits, and engaging in activities that benefit the local community and society in general.

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What Is Selective Plating? The Advantages of Brush Plating

UPDATE: (8/24/2021) SPC no longer offers brush plating services. This blog is for educational purposes only. Please refer to our coatings, base materials, or plating methods pages to learn more about our services.   Metal plating has been used for hundreds of years to provide objects and mechanical components with additional and desired properties of a […]

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Copper Plating on Plastics

Take a quick look around your home or office, and you’ll undoubtedly see something that is either made of or contains copper. This abundant and extremely versatile metal has played an important role in the human existence for more than 10,000 years. While copper is no longer the primary ingredient in pennies, which consisted of […]

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